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August 30, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Anime Reviews:
:: Kaichou wa Maid-sama ::

Anime-manga created by Fujiwara Hiro

Beginning of the story
         Starting from a school Seika totaling more boys than girls. To protect all students from the students boys and a girl named Misaki Ayuzawa strive to be a student council president and changing the rules to be more disciplined. She was respected and feared by all the boys in school Seika, because she didn't want his reputation go down because of part-time for a Maid-Latte. Therefore, she tried hard to hide it.

:: Main Chara
Ayuzawa Misaki
Misaki is a student council president. She was a savior for schoolgirls school Seika more male students than female. Misaki is a tough guy and very disciplined with regulations, and the male students mostly don't like it there. Misaki has a secret that shouldn't be known by all students Seika, ie in addition she served as a student council president in high authority, she is also moonlighting as a maid a cafe remedy helps to sustain the life of a poor family. Because she thought if that secret until discovered that she was a maid latte, it will lose its reputation as a student council president. But suddenly she meets Usui work place, and was shocked. Misaki was suffused with luck, because Usui promised not to spread the secret. Gradually, as is often close to Usui, Misaki unconsciously loved her and then began a love with it.

Usui Takumi
Usui including a popular guy among the girls at school Seika. Actually he was the son of a wealthy family Usui. His mother came from a wealthy British descendants surnamed Usui, and his father came from Japan. His mother died in childbirth Takumi. Sometimes he wants to be ordinary, so he hid in schools Seika not know much about him. He has a twin brother named Gerard. Usui was a smart man and master in all things in sports or lessons. He is the son of indifferent and cold. Usui loved Ayuzawa, because he found the sweetest in Ayuzawa. Usui, too, who first found out the secret if Ayuzawa moonlighting into a Maid-Latte.

Shintani Hinata
Shintani is a childhood friend Ayuzawa. He has loved since he was a kid misaki. He competes with Usui, Usui was a rival for her love. Hinata did not want to lose to Usui, mainly to protect Misaki. Hinata is very skilled in terms of sports, and he was also a little-known among some of the girls. But he finally gave up and let Misaki and Usui together, because she knew that her love is only one hand. although it makes it very hurt. Shintani very familiar with Suzuna (sister Misaki).

Hyoudou Aoi
Aoi is actually a Male. He often wore a wig and often wears a dress. That's because he aspires to become a designer, but his ideals are not condoned by both parents. He therefore tried hard to prove to his parents that he was able to become a designer.

Yukimura Shoichiro
 Yukimura is a student council representativ. Have a cheerful nature, and always worked hard as a student representative council in helping Misaki solve all the problems in the school Seika. Although he is a male, but when he dressed like a woman, Yukimura looks very cute, lots of guys like him, and it sometimes made ​​him sad. He is good friends with Kanou. 

Hanazono Sakura
She is the best friend Misaki. Including the girl who most favored by the boys at school Seika. She has an innocent nature, and always think straight and positive. She loved Kuuga, a vocalist from the school band, named UxMishi.

Kaga Shizuko
Shizuko is one of the companions Misaki, she also is the cousin of Sakura. She was always smart smart in all subjects, especially in math. Shizuko always think rationally and always protect Sakura especially against Kuuga.

Kanou Soutarou
Kanou is one of the students who hate school Seika student leadership council president is held by Misaki. He did not like, regulations made by Misaki too strict and disciplined. He has the ability to hypnotize. He has been using hypnosis to Misaki for him step down. But it was quickly known by Usui, so the plan to fruition. Since then, he became a little conscious of his actions and made ​​friends with Yukimura as a partner.

Ayuzawa Suzuna
Suzuna is the sister Misaki, different from Misaki, she has a calm nature and can give some advice on Misaki. She knew Shintani, because they too often play together.

Satsuki is the boss of the Maid-Latte, where Misaki works. She always called with Mass Misaki-chan. He is also the aunt of Aoi. Satsuki is someone who is sensitive to the feelings of someone. She is also keen to hear and imagine a love affair between Usui and Misaki.

:: Band UxMishi
Sakurai Kuuga
Kuuga is a vocalist UxMishi. Kuuga have properties that arrogant, rude, and he also did not like the presence of Misaki, and often argued with him seriously. He slowly like Sakura, because he thinks Sakura is very different from other girls.
Members of his band antaralain: Shou (guitarist), Kou (Bassist), William Adam Yuuji (Drummer).

UxMishi performance

Shou -  Kuuga - Kou - Yuuji

:: Idiot Trio
Sarashina Ikuto (Ikkun) - Shirakawa Naoya (Shiroyan) - Kurosaki Ryuunosuke (Kurotatsu)
Initially the three of them are also strongly opposed to the rules applied by Misaki. The three were also the second person to know the "secret" of Misaki. But is there also happens to Usui and threatened three people not to spread the secret of Misaki as a Maid-Latte. Then after that, they became a big fan of Misaki and the other Maid-Latte. They (Ikuto-Naoya-Ryuunosuke), either where they are always three, and earned the nickname "three brothers" even if they do not have blood relations. They are also nicknamed as "idiot trio", because their behavior is very silly. Even so, they have the personality traits of each. Shiroyan and Kurotatsu who was once one of the gang and get in trouble in school and Ikkun, a smart maniac otaku drawing and writing a comic. Although they have diverse personalities, but they actually respect each other, so they became close friends.


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