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August 20, 2011

Fairy Tail

Anime Reviews:
:: Fairy Tail ::

Anime-manga created by Hiro Mashima

Beginning of the story
         In a place far, various people have magical powers, and then form a Guild. Every city has a variety of Guild with an assortment of wizards guild anyway.

:: Main Chara
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu is a fire witch, the older generation of "Dragon Slayers" who got the nickname as the "Salamander no Natsu". Because Natsu educated from infancy and raised by a dragon named Igneel. Suddenly, in unison, all the dragons lost in the 7th month 7. Natsu then taken by a famous guild called Fairy Tail. To a Dragon Slayers, Natsu can eat fire as much as he wanted, according to the elements of magic.

Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy was the daughter of a rich family from the families 'Heartfilia'. She ran away from home for a magician who was determined to become strong and join his dream of Fairy Tail Guild. Coincidentally (or perhaps a fate) she met with Natsu. And Natsu were invited to join. Lucy was a celestial magic summon the spirit of the 12 zodiac and the rest of the world's skies using a key. She met with the king of the spirit when she was going save Loke.

Gray Fullbuster
Gray an ice witch. He was always an argument with Natsu. He has a habit of extreme, which is always well dressed nude unconsciously. The habit began with his training with Ul (teachers Gray), who always told off clothes while exercising in the cold snowy places. He is also friends with Lyon who also practice in place Ul.

Erza Scarlet
For Natsu and Gray, Erza like a vicious monster. Erza including the three most powerful men in Fairy Tail, namely Laxus, Mystogan, and Erza. He could take the S level missions at will. Ability is the power of his magic cloak armor which he kept in a dimension, so that he can change a variety of armor cloak as he wishes. She earned a "Erza Titania" which means the Queen's of Fairies. Erza blind left eye, because it carries her to the witch Makarov medical companions to treat it. Then Erza also created a new eye, but there was a slight mistake in the making. Therefore when Erza was crying, she was only one eye (right eye) that secrete tears.

Happy is a cat that comes from Edolas extalia. Real task is to guide the Dragon Slayers to destruction, in other words killing Natsu. But he did not want to do that and turned against his own kingdom. Because he already understands the meaning of friendship with someone that is Natsu.

Despite having a pretty face and sweet nature, she was dubbed the "demon". Because he has magical abilities that can transform his body into any shape. And the strongest shape resembles a demon, that's why he got the nickname. She has one younger brother named Elfman and a younger sister named Lisanna, which could also change their body shape. However Lisanna have died because of Elfman who can't control his power, causing it. But Mira never once blamed Elfman and still loving brother who lived only one such.

He was dubbed the "Beast Elfman". He loved Mirajane and will be very angry if someone hurt his sister's.

Loke is a key spirit of the 12 zodiac "Shishiki no Leo" (Leo the lion). He was trapped in the human world because he wanted to be free from Karen Lilica who continued to torment Aries and other spirits. Since its existence in the human world long enough, causing them if magic runs out he'll disappear. Knowing this, Lucy does not stand by and help save Loke back into the world of the Spirit are.

Gajeel Redfox
Gajeel also a dragon salyers who cared for by an iron dragon named Metalicana. He can eat the iron. At first he was a member of the Guild Phantom. But since the guild was disbanded, he joined the Fairy Tail.

Mystogan is actually a prince of the royal Edolas. He covered his face because they do not want to see anyone, but he really did not want her face seen by Erza. That's because his face is very similar to the Gerard / Jellal. Mystogan has very great strength and a little mysterious.

Laxus is the grandson of the master Makarov. He was not satisfied with the way power Makarov (grandfather) who was too indulgent Guild members. Laxus want to make a Fairy Tail Guild Guild strong and resilient and Makarov had defected, causing him out of the Guild. But beneath it all he was very devoted to his grandfather. Laxus Dragon Slayers is a power but not the original, because in his body at planted Lacrima Dragon Slayers electric power.

Juvia Lockser
Juvia is a former member of the Guild Phantom. He is a member of the four elements that control the water. He falls in love with Gray since first sight.

Gerard/Jellal Fernandes
Gerard is a childhood friend Erza equally confined and used as a slave. He influenced Zeref and become a dark heart. When in fact he is very concerned with Erza vice versa.

:: Master Makarov
He is the leader of the Fairy Tail guild saint knights and magic users, as well as the grandfather of Laxus.

** Fear isn't Evil. It only allows us to learn our own weaknesses.  When we learn our weakness... People can grow stronger and kinder. FACE THEM HEAD ON!!! (Natsu Dragneel)

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