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August 27, 2011

Groove Adventure RAVE

Anime Reviews:
:: Groove Adventure RAVE ::

Anime - manga created by Hiro Mashima

Beginning of the story 
         50 years ago there has been a scorching overdrive and has grounded half of the world. A fight between the two descendants have been destined. Symphonia kingdom against kingdom Reaglove, between Rave master, and the Dark Bring Master. Between Gale Glory (Haru's father) and Gale Reaglove (Lucia's father), then Haru (5 Holy Bring) against Lucia (5 Dark Bring). All that is born with a gene of each descendants will surely follow their ancestors. Resha Valentine by one who follows his desire to destroy and prevent the occurrence of overdrive Endlesss both to the creation of a peaceful world, all willing to sacrifice anything.   ** In the anime Groove Adventure RAVE there are only 51 episodes, and continued until the end in the manga.**

:: Main Chara
Rave Master
Haru Glory
Haru comes from the descendants of Symphonia, the son of Gale Glory. He was given a mission by Shiba Roses (Rave master first) to collect 5 pieces Holy Bring called Rave, and become Rave master, once defeated King and the Dark Bring which brought him, in order to create a peaceful world. Amid his journey, he meets Elie, Musica, and make friends with many people.Rave stones has the ability to change shape into 10 types of swords sword called the "Ten Commandement". Haru has properties that never give up and a little plain. Innocence can be known easily by Musica and Julia when he was confronted by Elie (because he loved Elie). When the final battle against Lucia, she was trapped in the "memory of stars" in the body Endless. If Endless not immediately destroyed, then the second overdrive will occur and all the fight would be futile. Therefore, he forced Elie for firing Aetherion to Endless with him. Everyone thought that Haru had died, and Elie who kills with his own hands Haru's life. Then Elie was experiencing memory loss twice. But the miracle had happened, one year later, when everyone was away visiting the tomb to pray Haru, Haru suddenly appeared and he was still alive. They called it a "reciprocation stars". Then the re-emergence of Haru, Elie recovered memories, and Haru invited her to come home with him to Garage Island. Then Haru and Elie married.

His real name is Resha Valentine. At first he lost his memory, and she wore the name of Elie 3173 letter from her village carved into the arm. She is the owner of Aetherion tremendous magical powers and people who make the Rave (Holy Bring). Resha is also a skilled dancer who has long hair and beautiful and famous in the kingdom of Symphonia 50 years ago. When things began to change Symphonia, the safety of his life began targeted by bad people. Therefore, the king of Symphonia Resha asked to pretend to die and come back in time 50 years will come through time by freezing himself through the power of magic (and then he carved the name of his village in the arm so he would not forget). Then she met Haru, traveled together to find the Rave at once find his memory missing. While still in the kingdom of Symphonia 50 years ago, Resha has four private guards who are very loyal to him. They are Alpine Spaniel, Claire Maltese, Deerhound, Master Dalmatian. Thing else the four of them formed a group called "Knights Of Blue Sky". When Resha disappeared, they keep the Rave for 50 years, until the Rave master who had just come and pick it up. Resha real purpose comes through time to a period of 50 years to come is just to destroying Endless  and the second overdrive will not happen. Elie memory loss twice, and she really loves Haru. The name "rave" is taken from the name "Resha Valentine."

Hamrio Musica
Musica is a master controller of silver known as the Silver Rhythm. Although he looks like a playboy, but he was a good person. Before meeting with Haru, he worked as a robber (the majority of robbing a bank) with a big ship and the men loyal to him. He made swords "Ravelt" specially made just for Haru. Because a large sword carried by Haru, the sword was made by the grandfather Musica and only intended specifically for the Shiba, therefore Haru can not control the shape change of TCM tenth sword. Musica fell in love with Reina, a former member of the Oracion Seis, which is the master who controls the gold.

Plue is a pet Resha Valentine. According to him, a strange animal whose body is always shaking it was a dog. But when she lost his memory and as Elie she called it an insect. Plue the pointy nose is very special, because it could solve the Dark Bring.

Sieg Hart
Sieg Hart was a master element. He controls all the elements very well through her ​​magic. He is also a guard "time". Initially he Elie hunt to kill him, because according to him, Elie unstable power would jeopardize the movement of time. But then he became a friend Haru, and help protect Elie, because he secretly put a love for Elie.

Let Dahaka
Let is a human descendant of the dragon. He is the king of dragon race, named Java. The king of dragon. He can also transform himself into a half-dragon, and dragon completely the condition that he should sacrifice human lives. He was very trusting Haru, and loving Julia. Let sacrifice all his soul into a dragon in the final battle to defeat Uta who was nicknamed "Uta The Eternal", which is included in the 'Four Demon Gods' who are called by Lucia.

Shuda original owner is a member of Demon Card Dark Bring the fire. But he turned into allies Haru. He greatly admired Gale, Haru's father. Shuda is a cool person as well as having high self-esteem, and since he admires Gale Glory, he wanted to keep her promise to him to protect Haru.

Characteristic of Ruby is to say the word "poyo" at each end of the sentence as he spoke. Ruby is a wealthy casino owner. He also has magical powers and fought in the final battle against the Endless and Lucia.

Julia is a girlfriend of Let. Julia has a vicious nature, talkative, has a loud and very enthusiastic when drinking, and always furious when Let advised not to drink a lot. She loved Let. Even Let have the greatest degree as the dragon nation, and a descendant of the dragon "king of Java" he was unable to beat his own girlfriend.

Cattleya Glory
Cattleya is the sister of Haru. He has a gentle and loving nature. He is keeping Haru lovingly as his mother (Sakura Glory) died, and Gale Glory disappear suddenly when they were kids.

Karm is a king of Symphonia. Great-grandfather of Haru. He also told Resha to pretend to die to prevent the death of Resha of the hands of people who wanted him dead and sent him into the future.

:: Two of the same name, has the same direction of travel, but have a different destiny.
 - Symphonia X Reaglove -
Gale Glory
Gale Glory is Haru's father. Gale came from descendants of Symphonia. When he was young, he is good friends with Gale Reaglove. Then he formed an organization along with Gale Reaglove named Demon Card, which aims to crack down on crime and create a peaceful world. Then the Demon Card turns into a black organization since Gale Glory out of the Demon Card. He was forced to leave Haru and Cattleya who still own a small island Garage. Because Sakura Glory the wife Gale, killed by Gale Reaglove.

Gale Reaglove
Gale Reaglove is the father of Lucia. Including descendants Reaglove. Although he has always declared the war with Gale Glory, but in his heart he always wanted to be friends with Glory. He is also often called by the name "King".

:: The Real Enemy
Dark Bring Master
Lucia Reaglove
Lucia is a descendant Reaglove successor, the king Reaglove second Reaglove Gale, and Dark Bring master. He wanted to create a second overdrive with Endless and create a new world. Then he called the "Four Demon Gods", the strongest soldiers guard the king. Uta They are dubbed as "Uta The Eternal", Asura, Megido, and Jiero. Lucia's first ever steal a kiss Elie, and when the final battle, he sent Shakuma (witch number one in the world [grandfather Lucia]) to kidnap Elie and intends to make his wife. But the desire was rejected by Endless (according to Resha Valentine's Aetherion will eventually endanger the new world) and the command to kill Elie was lowered. But Haru arrived just in time before Lucia killed Elie. And when the last fight, he finally lost before Haru.


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